Australia-Indonesia Youth Exchange Programme (AIYEP)

Who organises this programme?

The Australia-Indonesia Youth Exchange Programme (PPIA, Pertukaran Pemuda Indonesia-Australia) was initiated in 1981 by the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, which designated Australia-Indonesia Institute to organise a youth exchange programme in cooperation with the Indonesian Ministry of Youth and Sport. Since 2002 the Australian phase has been coordinated by The Communications Network, a consultant company working in bilateral projects with Indonesia.

When and how long does the programme run for?

The programme runs for approximately four months, usually from October to January. It is divided into two phases: two months in Australia and two months in Indonesia. Each phase is divided into another two phases: in a town and in a village. The locations where the PPIA programme is held change every year.

What do participants do?

During the first two months, 18 Indonesian participants from 18 different provinces join the programme in Australia. After the first phase, they accompany their 18 Australian counterparts during the second-phase programme in Indonesia. PPIA activities include homestay, work placement, cultural performances, community development projects, etc.

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