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Guide To The 2nd Selection of PPAN West Java Province 2016

Guideline web

Dear applicants,


We would like to thank you for your interest in the 2016 International Youth Exchange Programmes (PPAN) in West Java Province. We are glad to announce that YOU ARE SELECTED as a participant for the 2nd West Java Province Selection for the 2016 PPAN. Please read carefully the following information.

The 2nd West Java Province Selection for the 2016 PPAN program will be held on:

Date       : Saturday (April 2) or Sunday (April 3) 2016.

(please refer to our website for your schedule. You need to come only to one day of the selection)

Time      : 06:30 a.m. – end

Venue    : Dinas Olahraga dan Pemuda Provinsi Jawa Barat

Jl. Dr. Rajiman No. 6, Bandung 40171


All participants must comply with the following rules:

  1. Please bring:
  • Printed name tag. The file can be downloaded on the website.
  • Printed application form and assignments (essay and recommendation letter).
  • Copied birth certificate and ID card (KTP).
  • Bring your own tumbler or drinking bottle.
  1. Wear decent attire such as batik/formal shirt, formal trousers, and shoes. Jeans and casual shirt are not allowed.
  2. Arrive on time on the designated day and do registration at 06.30-07.00 a.m.


The 2nd West Java Province Selection for the 2016 PPAN will comprise:

A. Art and Culture

  1. Bring portfolio/ certificates proving involvement in art and culture activities (if any). Bring both original and copied documents.
  2. Participants are required to make an art-cultural performance video with the following requirements:
  • Individual/solo performance (group performance is not allowed).
  • Two minutes duration (max).
  • MP4 video format.
  • Store the video in a USB flashdrive and transfer the file to the committee at the registration table upon arrival in the venue.
  • Name the video with the following format: PPAN2016_NAMA LENGKAP_L/P_KOTA/KAB

B. Post-Programme Activity (PPA) Presentation

  1. Each participant should prepare and deliver a presentation about their PPA program in English.
  2. The presentation must focus on social projects benefiting society. The project must address social issues, give feasible solutions to the problems, and involve the youth.
  3. Each participant is given 3 minutes to present the topic.
  4. Each participant can be as creative as possible in their presentation.
  5. The size of the PowerPoint file, together with other presentation materials (if any), should not exceed 2 MB.
  6. The maximum number of PowerPoint slides is 4.
  7. Each participant should send the PowerPoint file and other presentation materials (if any) to by 1 April 2016 at 11:59 a.m.
  8. The format for presentation: PPA_NAMA LENGKAP_KOTA/KAB.ppt
  9. The committee provides only 1 (one) laptop, 1 (one) LCD projector, and a standard sound system. Additional presentation supports aside from the previously-mentioned should be provided individually.

C. Interview

Any personal correspondence with the committee members will not be entered into. Should you have any questions, please send it to our email; we will respond accordingly. We expect that you give your best in preparation. See you on the selection day and give your best shot! Hatur nuhun and good luck!


You can download the documents bellow:

Guideline of The 2nd Selection

The schedule of The 2nd Selection

Name Tag

Application Form

Essay for PPAN Jabar Selection 2016

Best regards,

PCMI Jawa Barat

Heart – Honour – Humility

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