Selection Processes for PPAN 2016

Selection Process

The West Java selections for the 2016 International Youth Exchange Programmes processes:

1. Visit Dinas Pemuda dan Olahraga (Dispora) at your city based on your registered ID. Ask about regional selection for PPAN West Java Province 2016.

2. Regional selection will be held around 1-31 March 2016. Participate in the selection at the city/region or ask for a recommendation letter if no regional selection is required.

3. Download CV and essay form here as the requirements for provincial selection. Don’t forget to bring these documents to provincial selection.

4. Bring the official recommendation letter from your respective Dispora to the provincial selection.

5. Provincial selection will be held at Dinas Olahraga dan Pemuda (Disorda) Jawa Barat on 2 & 3 April 2016. The designated day of the selection for the participants refers to the official letter from Disorda about PPAN West Java Province 2016.

6. The result of the provincial selection will be announced on

7. The selected participants will join the quarantine stage at Hotel Endah Parahyangan, Bandung on 19-21 April 2016.

8. The announcement of the selected participants for PPAN West Java Province 2016 will be given at the final day of the quarantine.

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Rendy – 0812 8226 3303

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