March 8, 2017


PPAN 2022



West Java Province will select the best candidate to represent West Java Province in the following youth exchange program:

  1. Indonesia-Korea Youth Exchange Program (IKYEP): 18-24 years old.

The registration for the 2022 International Youth Exchange Programs in West Java Province is officially closed for regional selection at each Dinas Pemuda dan Olahraga (Dispora) Kota/ Kabupaten. 

There will be just 2 successful applicants in each Kota/ Kabupaten who will advance to the next stage in the final selection.

Here are the following application files:

  1. Application Form of PPAN Jabar 2022
  2. Essay Form of PPAN Jabar 2022

Send your application and essay forms to no later than Friday, April 15, 2022 at 12:00 WIB. With subject and file name as following format:


Submission after the mentioned date and time will not be counted into.

Remember the selected participants who advanced to the final selection will be required to submit the official recommendation letter from their respective Dispora based on their registered ID card (KTP).


Good luck and Hatur Nuhun!

PCMI Jawa Barat
Heart – Honour – Humility