March 8, 2017

Selection Process

PPAN 2020


The selection for The 2020 International Youth Exchange Programs in West Java Province will comprise of following stages:


At this stage, the future participants should register their selves to Dinas Pemuda dan Olahraga (Dispora) kota/ kabupaten based on their registered ID (KTP). The selection process in each kota/ kabupaten will be different to each other according to the policy of it’s local government. There will be open selection or online selection only. And so with the deadline of registration, it will be varies in each kota/ kabupaten.


The participants who passed the regional selection will represent their kota/ kabupaten at provincial selection. There will be one day selection for this stage, and the participants should come on the designated day only. The participants should read the instructions carefully.


The participants who passed the provincial selection will advance to final selection. There will be just 30 participants. Dinas Pemuda dan Olahraga (Dispora) of West Java Province will host three days final selection in Bandung. At the end of the selection the committee will deliver an announcement of the selected candidates who will represent West Java in The 2020 International Youth Exchange Programs.